Ai Wei Wei

Ai WeiWei is one of the artist who design the Olympic main stadium- Bird nest in China, and his artwork of porcelain sun flower is also made him well know in the world arts circle. However, because he is too keen to find out the truth about the exact death number during the Sichuan earthquake, he has been put into detention. Underneath is his film in TED:

In the short film, he talked about the social issue in current China, that people are not allow to speak what government don’t feels like to hear; Foreign social network like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter are blocked during the fitter of Great Firewall…

It is very brave for him to stand out to talked about the defects of our nation. However, he is quite successes on his international reputation, such as his short film in TED, and his news coverage  in The New York Time, and Xinhua News, as some people just vanished after taken by the police.

It is also very smart for him, as he know how to utilize the power of the internet, which not only has the capability make the whole world available, but able to turn up the “volume” of ordinary, and make the rest of the world to be heard.

Even now, Ai is in detention, his greatest work of social-art is still under constructing, All the people who love art, desire for a freer world, on the strength of social network, they are called upon and gather together, on this unprecedented project: Free Ai


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2 Responses to Ai Wei Wei

  1. mrtaurus says:

    Hi there! Thank you for that post. Brilliant just brilliant.

    I am actually curating a project in London for Ai Weiwei’s capture-awareness and release. It is called The Chinese Art Project,, and I am looking to do an exhibition using art as a symbol of unique interpretation and freedom of expression. Hopefully I’ll have 25 peices of art to exhibit from 5 unique artists. You’d be so welcome to come! I guess it’s about pulling together and standing for our rights. Especially in an age of social media power. I’ve put a project video plan up here it would be great if you could find an outlet to let readers know.

    Many thanks! Keep up the good work.
    Mr Taurus.

    p.s. i’m on twitter: ChineseTwhisper
    p.p.s. I’ve added your blog to my links on the site

    • Wow, This is awesome! The adaptation of the traditional 5 elements is quite ingenious! I would like to support this meaningful and significant project, although I’m not an artist, but I’ll keep up my blog about Ai WeiWei.

      Btw, I love the name of ChineseTwhisper, the use of whisper is so true for the situation at this moment, but I’m sure this whisper gonna reach out!

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