Fans immediacy

My friend told me that the Lady gaga, the official proved version has followed her on twitter! Jealous, I don’t know why she only added her, is that simply because my profile photo doesn’t looks like monster?

I like twitter, as it provides me with the most instant and considerably reliable information about the people I like. I known this twitter thing for some extent have become a tool for celebrities promote popularity, but because of its interactivity and engagingness, it become not only a tool for communication, but a manifesto to tell you and the celebrities you like are belonging to the same community of a social network.

The intimate practice of follow and leave comments can never be achieve from reading hardcopy magazines or newspaper, even the one you commented will never reply you, it feels like he can see. As a result Magazines and newspapers are gradually losing their dominant position of disseminating the firsthand information, as fans can timely checked the twitter states of their idols through mobile phone. The hard papered medium has defeated by the immediacy that provided by the digitalized platform, which allows fans talk directly to their idols.

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“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”
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