Illusion Vs. Reality


Attribution Some rights reserved by tinou bao

Inspired by the philosophic perspective form creative nihilism, the blogging sphere in the era of Web 2.0, that realised the illusion between the truth and reality among tremendous bloggers, can be interoperated as the “Zhuangzhou’s dreaming of Butterfly” allusion in the warring state period of China 2000 years ago. An celestial Taoist named Zhuang-Zhou once dreamed about himself become a butterfly, which then enlighten him about the nihilism within human’s life as it is impossible for human-beings to differentiate the reality and illusion: the same as the butterfly created a illusion within the dream of zhuang, who can also become the illusion within the dream of the butterfly.

Illusion: Blogging breaks the mainstream monopolies

Reality: It is hard to be heard, and its more about digitalized commodification.

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  2. OMG I really like theme! Was it expensive?

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