Produsage is a hybrid process carried out by the users who are also the producers (Bruns,2008, 3). For example, Facebook allows individuals to renew status, upload photo Albums and read their friend’s status or look through their photos. Individuals play the role of both a producer and a user.

Brun (2008, 4) further argued that artifacts are continuous under development and re-development by one and the other within the environment of produsage. Twitter is another good example of produsage community which users produce (publish or write) and consume (view or retwitt) a significant amount of content (twitts) everyday. Twitting certainly has blended into the daily routine of some twitter users. The writing and retweeting processes have generated the flow that continiously contribute to the developing process of Twitter as a social network and a produsage site. However, not all twitter users play the role of a creator as some users simply create accounts to follow the celebrities or read the twitts of their friend. In my case for instance, I signed up my twitter account a year ago and did not actually produce much content but my bulk activities on Twitter is following celebrities and hot politicians like Obama and read their twitts. My behavior is more like a consumer then producers.

Meanwhile, the products created by the produsage process is always under development because it is based on the web 2.0 environment where information is always on demand (Brun,2008, 3). The demand has generated the information flow within the  social network where ideas created by certain user are in demand by the others who received the idea and continuously develop them. As a result, the idea is being exploited by others and property of a certain idea become hard to define as it is generated by multi-creators.

Moreover, users are also being exploited to create more content in the the social network such as Youtube and flickr, where all the contents within those platforms are uploaded by their users, for free. It seems like is fair for the content users as they both consumers, who can freely, for instance watch the video on YouTube or collect the pictures from flickr. Due to the dedication from users, the revenues for the YouTube and Flicker are considerately high, for example, the revenue for YouTube is approching to $1 billion per year(Ostrow,2010 ).

Besides utilizing the contents by the content producers, advertisement is also inserted into the produsage community by the active participation of company employees or potential employees who usually obtained a high popularity within this community. For instance, the channels of  YouTube celebrities become the place for  the promotion of certain products, such as an advertisement banner being featured beside the video clip. More significantly, products will be placed within the video to persuade the viewers to not only consume the video, but also consume the actual products promoted within the video, such as this Perfect Red Lips video. It can be seen as an advertisement made for Lancôme cosmetics.


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